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2013 Movie Awards Quick Reference

With the Golden Globe Awards winners announced on Sunday, January 13, the 2013 movie awards season is now in full swing and I thought it would be useful to put together some quick reference lists of 2013 movie award winners and nominees. The resulting lists in this article are far from comprehensive, but feel free to recommend other interesting awards to track here and I'll look at adding them.

Blu-ray Screenshot Comparisons

I've added some "new" Blu-ray screenshot comparison pages. I put the "new" in finger-quotes because most of these screenshots were made and published here a couple of years ago, but I had not really put together proper comparison pages to view them together until now. The initial layout may not be ideal, but it's a starting point for discussion and I hope to hear some constructive criticism for improving the concept.

Amazon Black Friday Blu-ray Deals Week 2012 has scheduled a number of time-limited lightning deals from November 19 - November 26 on various Blu-ray titles. You can view the full Blu-ray Lightning Deal Schedule at Amazon or consult the list below. As per usual, Amazon will likely be offering a number of other deals on Blu-ray titles not listed below, so consult the Biggest Discounts, Lowest Prices and Recent Price Decreases pages on this site to find more bargains.

Site Facelift

Don't panic! I've tweaked the site theme a bit, but the changes are largely cosmetic and most things should be in the same place as they were before and work as they did previously (for better or worse). There are a couple of exceptions to this.

Best and Worst Blu-ray Releases of 2011

I'm going to cheat a little bit for this post and pull a bait-and-switch. Rather than agonizing for hours to craft my own carefully curated best and worst of 2011 lists, I instead direct the reader to peruse the following links from the Rankings page on this site: Best Blu-ray Releases of 2011 and Worst Blu-ray Releases of 2011.


As you may have noticed if this isn't your first time 'round these parts, Cinema Squid has changed a little bit. Well, maybe more than a little bit on the surface and definitely quite a bit under the hood. This is the third major revision of the Cinema Squid website since it first launched in March 2008.

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