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[US] Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008) [Blu-ray] Price Details

Price details from for [US] Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008) [Blu-ray] including price change history.


Includes: Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008)

Release Info

Region Region Locked A
No 50Hz Content
Country United States
Release Date
List Price $15.99
Runtime 82 minutes
UPC / EAN 0786936767186
Current Price $8.18 (49% Off)
Last Change $0.01 (0% Off)
Previous Price $8.17 (49% Off)
22 New from $4.49 (72% Off)
9 Used from $1.99 (88% Off)
List Price $15.99  
Sales Rank 34458  
Price Changed
Price Synced


Change DateNew PriceChange AmountOld Price
2014-03-21T18:35100000818$8.18014949% Off0-00000001$0.0101000% Off100000817$8.17014949% Off
2014-03-21T09:54100000817$8.17014949% Off100000276$2.76011717% Off100001093$10.93013232% Off
2013-11-08T19:29100001093$10.93013232% Off100000506$5.06013232% Off100001599$15.9901000% Off
2013-10-04T20:08100001599$15.9901000% Off0-00000506$5.06013232% Off100001093$10.93013232% Off
2012-11-18T23:18100001093$10.93013232% Off100000097$0.9701066% Off100001190$11.90012626% Off
2012-11-10T01:27100001190$11.90012626% Off100000259$2.59011616% Off100001449$14.4901099% Off
2012-11-08T08:39100001449$14.4901099% Off0-00000350$3.50012222% Off100001099$10.99013131% Off
2011-11-29T05:13100001099$10.99013131% Off100002950$29.500284184% Off100004049$40.49-0053-153% Off
2011-04-19T23:19100004049$40.49-0053-153% Off0-00000900$9.00015656% Off100003149$31.490003-97% Off
2010-01-11T21:18100003149$31.490003-97% Off0-00001150$11.50017272% Off100001999$19.990075-25% Off
2009-11-24T07:24100001999$19.990075-25% Off100000350$3.50012222% Off100002349$23.490053-47% Off
2009-11-13T01:22100002349$23.490053-47% Off100000800$8.00015050% Off100003149$31.490003-97% Off
2009-09-12T14:20100003149$31.490003-97% Off0-00000054$0.5401033% Off100003095$30.950006-94% Off


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